Why we care about social care

We believe that all of us should be able to lead the lives we want for as long as we can.

And as our population grows older, it is more important than ever that everyone is supported to do this.

Unfortunately, this is not happening for the more than 1.4 million older people in England who cannot access the basic care they need to do everyday things like get dressed and make themselves a meal.

Over the years, Independent Age and thousands of our supporters have added their voices to petitions and campaigns calling on the government to tackle the care crisis. After consistent pressure from campaigners, the government promised to lay out their future plans for social care in a green paper that was supposed to be out this summer. It has now been pushed back to autumn.

See our tests for the green paper.

Our tests call on the green paper to:

1. Set out an ambition for a social care system that is fairer, more transparent and more sustainable than our current system.

2. Be based on a thorough understanding of people’s experiences of using and delivering social care services.

3. Go beyond narrow questions about funding and tackle problems related to housing, unfair regional variation and the social care market.

4. Aspire to end poor quality care and to create real choice for customers.

5. Consult the wider public, particularly older people, and set out a plan for action.

6. Plan for reforms to be underway before the next election.

7. Command the support of all parties so that promises for the future are kept.

We need make sure that the government listens to the public and includes our priorities in its plans. By contacting your MP, you are helping to ensure the government’s plans deliver real change.

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